Building better rankings, increasing traffic, & converting it using SEO, creative content, social strategy, & email marketing.

Content is king, but marketing is queen, and runs the household.

- Gary vaynerchuk

Having a website is only half the battle.

On the modern web, simply having a website will not win you the war.  Having a website is just the first step (most often the easy step) towards thriving online.  Effective search and content marketing is essential for your website to succeed.  Period.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the practice of increasing traffic (both quantity and quality) to your website through organic search results.

Organic search results

"Natural" or "Relevant-based" results

Non-organic search results

Advertisements (Facebook , Social Media) or "Pay-Per-Click" (Google Ad Words)

Get Found Online

Organic search results

We simplify effective search marketing and make a true impact on your rankings, traffic, and brand awareness.  More importantly, we work to convert traffic into paying customers.

Monthly SEO Campaigns

Research is the core of every SEO campaign we conduct.  This phase usually lasts about 30 days.  We perform several different audits, analyze industry competition, explore winning strategies, and prepare for to execute.

The stops included in the Campaign Research include the following:

keyword research

Ranking for the right keywords will make or break your website.  We'll perform in-depth keyword research to discover specifically which keywords we should focus on for your campaign.

technical audit

We'll analyze every portion of your site and discover any technical issues that are keeping your site from performing well.

content audit

We review any content on your site or your competitors' since it can be used to determine what works in search. We can then take what works and replicate with a newer strategy.

offsite audit

We perform an Offsite Audit to find out how your sites link profile looks. Most clients need more quality links and often times clients need negative ones removed.

The optimization phase is where we begin to put things in motion.  We execute the plans developed in the Research Phase with ongoing implementation.

The steps included in the Optimization Phase include the following:

technical optimization

Optimizing the technical structure of your site before any other elements produces the best results.  We start by delivering specific recommendations based on our Technical Audit.  Typically clients will notice a rise in rankings and organic traffic during this phase.

contetnt optimization

Based on our keyword research, we will implement written Titles and Meta Descriptions.  Depending on your site’s existing structure we make recommendations for pages that are needed, or content changes within specific pages on the site.  In most cases, clients notice significant improvement in their rankings during this phase.

content marketing

Content marketing provides the best opportunity for gaining more traffic from search and ranking better in the search engines.  Content marketing includes blog articles, digital newsletters, as well as providing free resources for potential clients and customers.

link building

Inbound links make up approximately 50% of search ranking algorithims, so we focus our efforts towards improving your link profile.  This includes removing any links that are creating a negative impact on your profile.

The Reporting Phase is where we measure and grow our results.

The steps included in the Campaign Reporting include the following:

detailed ranking reports

All SEO campaigns come with customized monthly reporting.

email marketing analysis

Analyze who opened you communication, when they opened it, how many times they opened, and why they opened it.

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